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Exhaust Cut Out Butterfly Valves

(Code: 701)
Exhaust Cut Out Butterfly ValvesExhaust cut outs enable the possibility of 2 exhaust systems in one car. Restricted (and quiet) for the street, freeflow (and noisy) for the racetrack.
By means of a butterfly valve installed in the system you can direct the exhaust flow from the cockpit either through the standard exhaust or a more powerful and less restrictive system (or totally unrestricted) by the pull of a cable or press of a switch.
This feature is a factory option on the current Maserati & Aston – now available here.

A common set up is to place the Y piece & valve before the cat or main silencer to have a choice of routing gas flow through the standard system or through a cherry bomb or similar (or left totally open)

As the powered version opens and closes in under 3 seconds it can also cause some smiles/frowns at the traffic light grand prix….especially if you route the exhaust to alternate final exit pipes.
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