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Fan Mounting Kits

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Fan Mounting KitYou will need a fitting kit for mounting your electric fan, unless you are replacing an existing electric fan in which case the fittings may be reusable if removed carefully.
Designed for attaching through radiator matrix or similar suitable point.
Fits in minutes.
Consists of cable tie like strap with oversize head - push this through fan mounting feet and radiator matrix, push on retaining plate the other side of the radiator and snip off excess tie. Use the pads supplied to protect matrix fins.
Operate by the same method as cable ties, but tighten in a straight line (unlike cable ties which tighten into a circle and would thus crush radiator fins)
(Code: 634FanFitKit)
In Stock
Fan Mounting FeetAll our fans are supplied with a set of mounting feet.
Feet are available separately as a set of 4 if you have purchased a fan elsewhere without mounting feet
(Code: 758)
Dual Fan Mounting BracketFits 2 of 10", 12", 14" or 16" electric fans
Powder coated steel
US manufactured by Derale Cooling Products
(Code: 633)
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