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What do the Motoring Press think of RatSport products?

Motoring Press Reviews

RatSport's SuperSlim Fan Kit Chosen By Retro Ford For A Staff Car

Ours was the cooling fan kit chosen by Ben Morley the editior of Retro Ford magazine to fit to his own car, a Cortina 1600E. Very pleased he was with it too. 
You can download the full article here:
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RatSport Servo Kit Chosen By Practical Classics To Fit To A Staff Car

There are a few other servo kits available from other manufacturers, some cheaper, some dearer. Ours was the kit chosen by the editor of Practical Classics Magazine in to fit to his Triumph Vitesse. Here are a couple of quotes from their article:
"Is it worth fitting? Lord yes. While I have no scientific evidence to back up my findings, post-modification the vehicle's stoppers feel more than up to the job required of them"
"The brakes are now comfortably positive, with an increase in controllable retardation and an absence of grabbing or lock-up"
"All in all, I believe I've successfully brought
the brakes up to 21st Century standard with this servo"

You can download the full article, which also includes a handy pictorial fitting guide here:
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RatSport Servo Kit Chosen By Retro Ford To Fit To A Staff Car

Ours was the kit chosen by Retro Ford magazine December 07 issue to fit to one of their vehicles.
Here are a few quotes from the article:
"The kit we used was Ratsport's remote servo. It's a bargain considering the results it gave. Its quite a comprehensive kit too, as the servo is supplied with a brake pipe (complete with unions fitted), vacuum pipe and a one way valve"
"Nick was simply in awe of the difference the kit made, commenting on the much better feel and control"
"Overall the kit wasn't too difficult to fit, so long as you're OK on the spanners you shouldn't struggle"
"Its a top notch kit and a small price to pay for the drastic improvement it makes"

Our Alloy Tanks have been widely praised:
Land Rover Owner International
"Very well made in aircraft polished and brushed alloy, I've just fitted one of these babies to my Series IIA to give a much needed increase in coolant capacity & breathing space. The tank has a one-litre capacity with silicone sight glass and a nicely machined cap. Supplied with one metre of 12mm hose and clips; a bracket costs £4.79 if you need it."

Classic Car Weekly
"If you are after an affordable aftermarket oil catch tank for your car, Ratsport is the place to go. Its latest radiator expansion tank costs a reasonable £59.95 and boasts innovative features.
Its manufactured from top grade alloy which is 100% tig welded and then polished to brighten up your engine bay.
Measuring 20cm in length and 8cm in diameter this trendy tank will drink nearly two pints of coolant and the silicone sight gauge allows the user to see how much fluid the radiatior has discharged.
Now its time for the innovative part. Located at the base is a drain plug, but this is no ordinary drain plug, because a ceramic magnet is incorporated to catch unwanted metal particles that could work their way around the cooling system.
Its supplied wih a one-metre length of half-inch diameter hose and associated fittings, barring a fitting clamp which is optional."

Mini World
"RatSport sells this neat little 800ml breather tank. It has a level indicator and is 9" tall, including breather filter. Available in highly polished stainless steel or polished lightweight alloy which weighs in at 296g.
Its a MiniWorld must-have"

Retro Cars Magazine
"RatSport has a wealth of parts on offer catering for all your retro car needs, although the firm is best known for its range of gorgeous expansion and catch tanks.
Fitting an oil catch tank prevents carbon and sludge build-up, acting as a reservoir for spent oil blown back out of your car's outlets. It aids your motor's breathing and thus helps it operate more effectively. As unwanted oil creeps from your engine's lines and heads back towards the fuel mix, it's trapped in the catch tank rather than being re-circulated back where it isn't wanted – ready for draining every few 1000 miles.
The contents of a catch tank are a good indication of a cars' overall health too: presence of
water suggests condensation, while highly fluid oil/petrol fumes can mean that the oil is being diluted with fuel (from poor combustion or an excessively rich mixture). A creamy sludge points towards water contamination and possible head gasket issues."

Practical Classics Magazine
"All engines expel coolant when hot, but with a recovery tank in the sytem the expelled fluid is drawn back in when the engine cools down, increasing the overall coolant capacity. RatSport  has released this light and efficient tank. Its got a removeable plug with a powerful ceramic magnet on the base to trap metal and rust particles, preventing any grot from recirculating around the cooling system and silting up your car's internal waterways."

Max Power Magazine
"Ratsport's range of tuning parts are awesome and have the build quality to match. This catch tank comes complete with a bracket and breather filter, ready to be installed. The side-mounted gauge makes it easy to keep an eye on and with a drain on the bottom, its just as simple to empty too."

The Austin Healey Magazine

"I researched on the internet to learn about expansion or header tank alternatives. A clear favourite emerged, namely, a polished aluminium tank offered by RatSport...These are similar to those in use on some TVRs models. Being compact measuring 257mm deep & 100mm wide it is easy to accommodate in the 100/3000 engine bay...In conclusion; this simple improvement cost me around £75 in total, so represents good value. It is relatively easy to install and for any Austin Healey owner well worth considering as an enhancement."

Read the full article here

Classic Car Mart Magazine

Classic Car Mart featured one of our fuel filters in their December issue. This is what they said:
"We can't resist recommending the odd unashamedly practical gift this Christmas – although this one is a bit of a looker, too. You see, an inline fuel filter is always a good idea for removing the risk of any dirt or rust particles in your petrol tank making their way into your classic's fuel system – but, let's face it, most filters are fairly ugly items.
Now though, there's this smart chrome fuel filter available from Ratsport, capable of capturing dirt and grit as small as 40 microns. Each item is triple chrome plated and is quickly and easily dismantled without tools to clean the element inside. So much better looking than those cheap plastic affairs, don't you agree?"

OUR RATING: 9 / 10

Classic Cars For Sale Magazine

Classic Cars For Sale featured one of our Cherry Bombs in their November issue. This is what they said:
"Though most aftermarket exhausts produce a better sound than the standard offerings, these Cherrys have their own unique tone. This is because the glass fibre packing absorbs the higher frequencies, leaving that distinctive, throaty bellow. Available at RatSport, the straight-through silencer design gives better engine breathing for maximum performance. Its constructed from heavy gauge steel with 360 degree welded ends and - of course - a heat-resistant cherry red finish. You can just swap your back box or design your own system for a special with prices depending on size and style. This and lots of other nice things are on RatSport's new website"

Retro Classics Ireland Magazine

Retro Classics Ireland Magazine featured our SuperSlim fans in their January issue. This is what they said:
"If you’re the kind of person that restores or modifies old cars, races old cars or even builds kit cars, then RatSport are your friends. Anyone who has a classic car will realise that their standard cooling systems can leave a lot to be desired. Once you start modifying things, it doesn’t take long for the shortcomings to become apparent. A slimline electric fan is a far more eff ective way of cooling your radiator than a tiny, slowrunning and ultimately power-sapping belt-driven item, and RatSport stand by the SuperSlim brand. Even though these are very high quality, with their metal housings standing up to the BS96 salt-spray test and with high-quality American ball-bearing operation, these ultra-thin fans are fantastic value, ranging from £40.84 to £103.20 depending on which diameter you require; they are available from 7-inch up to a massive 16-inch diameter in roughly 2-inch increments, so there’s sure to be one for your classic. What’s more, they can be fi tted at the front or the rear of the radiator, and the direction of air can be set to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ very simply."

On a group test of 8 bootracks Practical Classics magazine awarded our CBR9005 rack their Best Buy award. 

Their appraisal in full was: "The finish on the stylish Mille Miglia rack was superb, with even tubes and excellent assembly using countersunk slotted set-screws. Tubes are fixed to each other using shaped plastic washers, ensuring an even fit, and it is easy to nip any of them up if the rack slackens off, unlike riveted racks. The bars offer an excellent platform for hard and soft bags alike, and are useful for attatching bungees to. The support bar is a bit shallow. This rack has the feel of a well-made and lasting contender.

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