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Control Cables & Springs

Cable Clamp - Trunnion KitUsed as a pull stop for cable.
Sometimes referred to as a solderless nipple
(Code: 986)
Carb Return SpringAs used on most classics fitted with SU or Weber/Dellorto carbs (if you have twin carbs, you will require two).
Also usefully employed for throttle body return springs
Compressed length 40mm
Supplied individually
(Code: 985)
Bonnet Release CableSteel construction with stranded inner cable & ABS T Handle
5ft outer cable, 5ft 6 in inner cable
Requires 9mm panel hole
(Code: 458)
Red Pull Cable12ft 3 in
Requires 9mm panel hole
Often employed for fire extinguishers
(Code: 763)
Chrome Carb Return Spring KitChrome plated carb return spring kit
Compressed length of each spring 10cm
As fitted to Holley, Carter, Edelbrock, Rochester carbs, but also universal use.
Can be used as an additional stoppage as required by many motorsport regulations.
Can also be used for manual choke and other cables (enlarge thumbnail pic)
Supplied as a kit of 2 springs
(Code: 983)
Universal Locking Stranded Choke CableSteel & ABS construction with stranded inner cable
5ft outer cable, 5ft 6 in inner cable (trim to size required - note may not be long enough for rear engined vehicles)
Locking (turn to lock)
Requires 9mm panel hole
(Code: 456)
Universal Push / Pull CableFor Choke, Bonnet or Boot heater controls, remote seat adjustment etc. Solid piano wire inner cable 5ft long inside a low friction outer 5ft 6in long; trim to length required. Steel housing & bakerlite knob. Fits through a 9mm panel hole.
(Code: 457)
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