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Fuel Tank Repair Sealant Bill Hirsch

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Bill Hirsch Degreaser & Cleaner
We have used this strong alkaline product very effectively to remove gummy deposits from fuel tanks rather than removing and steam-cleaning them, prior to application of further repair steps.
Also works well on removing grease, dirt and stickiness on engines and other machinery according to the manufacturer.
This one quart can is suitable for tanks up to 30 gallon

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Bill Hirsch Fuel Tank Etch Cleaner
This American product is the ideal way to prepare your steel fuel tank before the application of tank sealant - may negate the need to remove tank prior to cleaning.
Will remove light build up of rust inside the tank.
Leaves a gray phosphate coating.
This one pint can is suitable for tanks up to 30 gallon
Note: suitable for steel or alloy tanks only, not fibreglass ones or plastic/ABS tanks.
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Bill Hirsch Fuel Tank Sealant
Bill Hirsch Gas Tank Sealant.
This American product is the best way to repair and restore your petrol or diesel tank. Simple application, includes extensive application information and product information sheet. Will seal pinhole leaks and seams and prevent rusting.
Once the liquid is poured inside it works by setting and lining the tank to form a "tank inside a tank"
Suitable for all fuels including ethanol and alcohol.
Suitable for steel, aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass, plastic & ABS tanks.
Full instructions included.
According to the manufacturer it is "World's No. 1 Gas Tank Sealer. Impervious to all fuel types. Over 2,000,000 sold to date".

Having used this product ourselves on several occasions we can vouch that it does a superb job, and we believe it is the only tank repair product in the UK market which is ethanol proof. Ethanol alcohol is increasingly becoming an issue with other sealants designed for this purpose as they were formulated before the ever increasing amounts of ethanol added to todays petrol.

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Bill Hirsch Fuel Tank Sealant Kit
Automotive fuel tank repair kit stops rust and seals leaks permanently

Kit includes: 16-oz Gas Tank Etch, 1pt or 1-qt Gas Tank Sealer, 1-qt Miracle Heavy-Duty Marine/Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser, and Epoxy Putty for small holes. Detailed instructions are included to ensure a permanent repair of your tank. Made in USA.

STEP 1 - Miracle Heavy-Duty Marine/Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser - The best and safest cleaner of its kind on the market. Cleans out gummy fuel tanks. Works on all metals and fiberglass. Highly concentrated, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradeable. Rinses off completely with water.

STEP 2 - Gas Tank Etch - Removes light buildup of rust and etches the inside of the tank leaving a gray phosphate coating for the Gas Tank Sealer to adhere to.

STEP 3 - Gas Tank Sealer - Stops rust and leaks. Resistant to all fuels including alcohol and ethanol. Heavily compounded with rust inhibitors to prevent future rusting. Permanently bonds to all metal or fiberglass tanks. This is the only sealer on the market approved for use in aircraft. 1 qt seals up to 30-gallon tank. Easy to use - pour sealer in tank, slosh around to cover all surfaces, and pour excess out.

Epoxy Putty - Perfect for sealing holes in a gas tank where a larger than pinhole hole exists. Dries rock hard and can be sanded

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