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RatSport manufacture and import a wide range of components designed for vintage, classic and kit cars, many having a slant towards motorsport. We also stock a small but expanding range of marine components. We are pleased to supply both trade and retail customers.
We stock a full inventory of electrical, mechanical and cosmetic parts and are well-known for our range of oil & water catch tanks, mirrors and bootracks.  We are also the European distributors for Spectre Performance Parts, Hirsch Automotive Products & Superslim Cooling Systems, amongst others, as well as stocking products from other leading brands at very competitive prices.
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Motoring Press Reviews of RatSport Products:
RatSport Remote Servo Kit
"Is it worth fitting? Lord yes. While I have no scientific evidence to back up my findings, post-modification the vehicle's stoppers feel more than up to the job required of them"
"The brakes are now comfortably positive, with an increase in controllable retardation and an absence of grabbing or or lock-up"
"All in all, I believe I've successfully brought the brakes up to 21st Century standard with this servo"

RatSport Remote Servo Kit
"The kit we used was Ratsport's remote servo. It's a bargain considering the results it gave. Its quite a comprehensive kit too, as the servo is supplied with a brake pipe (complete with unions fitted), vacuum pipe and a one way valve"
"Nick was simply in awe of the difference the kit made, commenting on the much better feel and control"
"Overall the kit wasn't too difficult to fit, so long as you're OK on the spanners you shouldn't struggle"
"Its a top notch kit and a small price to pay for the drastic improvement it makes"
RatSport Oil Catch Tank
"Ratsport's range of tuning parts are awesome and have the build quality to match. This catch tank comes complete with a bracket and breather filter, ready to be installed. The side-mounted gauge makes it easy to keep an eye on and with a drain on the bottom, its just as simple to empty too."
RatSport Filter
"An inline fuel filter is always a good idea for removing the risk of any dirt or rust particles in your petrol tank making their way into your classic's fuel system but, let's face it, most filters are fairly ugly items.
Now though, there's this smart chrome fuel filter available from Ratsport, capable of capturing dirt and grit as small as 40 microns. Each item is triple chrome plated and is quickly and easily dismantled without tools to clean the element inside. So much better looking than those cheap plastic affairs, don't you agree?"
RatSport Expansion Tank
"Very well made in aircraft polished and brushed alloy, I've just fitted one of these babies to my Series IIA to give a much needed increase in coolant capacity & breathing space. The tank has a one-litre capacity with silicone sight glass and a nicely machined cap."
RatSport Cherry Bomb
"Though most aftermarket exhausts produce a better sound than the standard offerings, these Cherrys have their own unique tone..a distinctive throaty bellow. Available at RatSport, the straight-through silencer design gives better engine breathing for maximum performance"
RatSport Electric Fan Kit
"If you're the kind of person that restores or modifies old cars, races old cars or even builds kit cars then RatSport are your friends. A slimline electric fan is a far more effective way of cooling your radiator than a slow running and ultimately power-sapping belt-driven item. Even though these are very high quality, with their metal housings  standing up to the BS96 salt-spray test and with high-quality American ball-bearing operation, these ultra-fin fans are fantastic value."

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