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Jump Leads

Jump / Booster LeadsIn my opinion only 2 things are of consideration when comparing jump leads: The current flow - the higher the amps the more & quicker the current flows. Length of cable - short cables are inconvenient

We dont bother selling the really piddly leads found in some spares shops - they take a long time to pass a charge and sometimes dont work at all on larger vehicles with dead flat batteries. And they sometimes get hot.
Personally I dont think even the 200amp ones are much good, but people keep asking for them so I sell them.
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Jump Leads 200AmpSuitable for small vehicles
2.5 Metre tangle free cable (Will probably require parking nose to nose when boosting due to cable lengh)
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Jump Leads 400AmpBest quality pure copper leads
3 meter tangle free cable
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Jump Leads 600AmpBest quality pure copper leads
3.6 meter tangle free cable
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Jump Leads 800AmpBest quality pure copper leads
4.5 meter tangle free cable
Supplied in strong canvas bag

These are the same cables as supplied to breakdown organisations and are GS, TUV, CE, & BS marked
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Battery Jump Starter Lithium Polymer

Powerful lithium polymer battery jump starter pack.

New lithium polymer technology allows this booster to perform the same job as much larger power packs yet is small enough to be stored in the vehicle boot or glovebox. Instantly solves the problem of finding your vehicle with a flat battery - without having to jump start from another vehicle or re-charging the vehicle's own battery.

This 30000mAh battery pack will start several vehicles from a single charge. On test in our workshop it started cars effortlessly with completely dead batteries (no ignition light). 300A starting current, 600A peak.

Also functions as a USB charger for mobile phones (20+ charges on a typical phone) and laptops (4-6 hours operation) as well as GPS and other devices.

  • 5 stage LED lamp indicating remaining battery life
  • LED torch with separate activation button
  • Includes 5V/1A output (mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players etc), 19V/3.5A (laptops etc), 12V/10A (car audio, fridge etc), 12V/600A battery booster with clamp cables
  • Recharges with plug from 240v household socket (110v continental adapter also included)
  • Alternatively recharges from vehicle cigarette lighter, adapter included.
  • Complete with storage bag & instructions (English & German)

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