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Electric Cooling Fans

Information On SuperSlim Electric Cooling FansWhy Fit or Replace an Electric fan? If your vehicle suffers from marginal cooling a more efficient replacement or additional fan will provide increased airflow to the radiator.
If your vehicle retains the standard engine driven fan, as with most classics, upgrading to an electric fan will make the engine run more efficiently and liberate horsepower.

What Are SuperSlim Fans? SuperSlim is a range of 12v engine cooling fans from 9"dia to 16"dia with universal adapter brackets for ease of fitting. The fans may be either mounted in front of the radiator to blow or behind the radiator to pull dependent on the clearance available.
The fans are factory set to pull air (sucker); if you wish to blow air (pusher) simply undo the center spindle nut & washer, remove and reverse the fan blades and refit.
For optimum performance the largest fan that will fit should be used. The Fan kits are manufactured to OEM standards and are fitted with finger guards. Fans are very quiet running due to their modern multi-blade design. The kit as supplied can be wired through the original radiator switch as a replacement, alternatively a manual switch installed inside the vehicle can be used, or ideally a thermostatic controller.

Why buy SuperSlim Brand? There are a lot of fans out there, and we accept SuperSlim are not the cheapest, but we believe they are excellent value for money - if comparing prices, please also compare quality:
  • Metal housing is heavy-duty powder coated and passes BS 96 hour salt-spray test
  • High quality EU manufactured ball bearings for long lasting and near silent operation
  • Balanced armatures for smoother running & better performance. Armatures are wound on computerised automatic winding machine for higher output
  • Fitted with permanent magnets
  • Blade & shroud manufactured from nylon with 30% injected fibreglass to prevent deforming under high underbonnet temperatures
  • Blades attached at circumference as well as hub providing greater longevity and rigidity than other designs
  • Ultra thin configuration for ease of fitting in tight locations
  • Very high output for fan size - see CFM figures below
  • Every blade balanced before shipping
  • Every fan load tested before shipping

What Size Do I Need? To judge what size fan is ideal, first consider whether you are going to mount it in front or behind the radiator, then measure the available space (which is many instances will be the width of the radiatior). The bigger the fan, the better as the more cooling is provided - the engine will not be overcooled as these should should operate in conjunction with a thermostatic controller so only power up as and when required.
Please note that a 7" fan is too small to use as the main radiator cooling fan on any vehicle above 900cc - these are usefully employed as twins or in conjunction with the main fan or as heater/air conditioner blowers, or for mounting to an oil cooler.

SuperSlim fan chosen by RetroFord Magazine to solve their cooling problems - read all about it (their informative article also doubles up as a handy fitting guide)
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Fan Mounting KitYou will need a fitting kit for mounting your electric fan, unless you are replacing an existing electric fan in which case the fittings may be reusable if removed carefully.
Designed for attaching through radiator matrix or similar suitable point.
Fits in minutes.
Consists of cable tie like strap with oversize head - push this through fan mounting feet and radiator matrix, push on retaining plate the other side of the radiator and snip off excess tie. Use the pads supplied to protect matrix fins.
Operate by the same method as cable ties, but tighten in a straight line (unlike cable ties which tighten into a circle and would thus crush radiator fins)
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SuperSlim Whirlwind Electric FansSupplied with universal adapter brackets for ease of fitting.
All fans can be mounted in front or behind the radiator - easily reversible depending on whether you wish to pull or push air
12 volt
Curved blade design provides maximum output for given size and consumption.
Many radiators will accomodate two fans fitted to increase cooling efficiency

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SuperSlim Chrome Whirlwind Electric FansSupplied with universal adapter brackets for ease of fitting.
All fans can be mounted in front or behind the radiator - easily reversible depending on whether you wish to pull or push air
12 volt.
Often employed with alloy radiators for stunning effect.

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