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PresentsThese items make superb presents for any motoring enthusiast.
All are universal application and can be fitted in minutes without any special knowledge or tools.
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We supply a range of battery isolator switches to suit all applications.
All are suitable for 6 and 12 volt batteries, positive or negative earth. The heavy duty types are designed to be able to handle 24 volt, but will obviously cope with less voltage vehicles just as well.
Direct-fit-to-battery type isolators are designed for fitting on the earth terminal as fitting to the positive terminal carries a danger of sparking when activating.
As well as the well-known safety advantage of a battery switch (which is why they are mandatory when racing to FIA & MSA requirements), they also deliver these benefits:
  • Reduce risk of electrical shorts & fires
  • Quickly isolate your battery for safe vehicle servicing
  • Discourages unauthorised use/theft (remove key)
  • Cures slow battery drain which can be a problem on vehicles only used intermittently or stored for extended periods
(Code: Batteryswitchadvice)
Mirrors are priced and sold individually unless otherwise stated

When fitting mirrors in pairs, always fit the passenger side mirror first as it is harder to site, once lined up transfer that position to the other side
(Code: Info)
Rally driving, drifting and off road motorsports requires extensive use of the handbrake, this can show weaknesses in standard cable type handbrakes which a hydraulic system eliminates.
The hydraulic system connects into the brake line that runs to the rear calipers and requires a lot less force to completely lock both rear wheels when needed.
A hydraulic handbrake is used by drivers to lock up or break loose the rear wheels when they want to drift the car sideways or spin on the spot. Rally drivers regularly need to spin 180 degrees "on the spot" when they over shoot an intersection, or need to turn very hard left or right and there's not enough wheel lock to achieve this.
These systems are designed for competition use.
A hydraulic hand brake can be fitted in place of the original unit, but are more often fitted as an additional unit as they can be added into the rear brake line system without changing the original mechanical handbrake setup.
You may wish to consider installation along with a brake bias valve as here.

Please note that professional installation is required. As with most car parts it is supplied without instructions, as fitment would depend on your precise application. With regret we are unable to answer questions or give technical advice about the precise suitability of fitment to your project or foresee all the issues that may arise in individual applications.
(Code: HHI)
Performance Air Filters
Changing to a sports freeflow air filter will liberate extra performance (especially when fitted in conjunction with an appropriate freeflow exhaust). Please be advised that noise generated (intake rasp) is likely to be increased over a standard item. These longlife cotton gauze or foam filter elements only require cleaning, (not replacing) at service intervals.
How to clean:  immerse for several hours in a tray of petrol (agitate if in a hurry), when dry spray with any light aerosol oil.

(Code: airfilteradvice)
Hood PoppersHood poppers, also known as durable dot fasteners.
Universal fastener for car hoods, tonneaus, spray decks etc.
Factory fitted to many classic convertible cars.
Usually requires a fitting tool (see below) although can be fitted with a blunt nail on a suitable flat steel surface.
(Code: 1004)
In Stock
Brief summary of advantages of our silicone hose over standard rubber:
  • Superb integrity & superior performance
  • Enables higher temperatures and pressures to be maintained with complete confidence
  • Resists kinks, crushing, collapse
  • Temperature range -40 deg C to +170 deg C
  • Resists cracking, hardening, perishing
  • Best quality gloss finish
  • Wipe clean
  • Every hose is hand-finished & inspected
(Code: 83)
Cherry Bomb InformationWith a straight through silencer design for easier engine breathing for maximum performance, and that deep power sound. They are constructed from heavy gauge steel with 360 degree welded ends. With glass packing and a heat resistant cherry red finish.

There is a particular design explanation why Cherry Bombs have been so popular for so long: Almost any half-decent exhaust will improve horsepower over mass produced, often crude, factory systems, Cherrys go one step further by also producing a unique sound by deadening the higher tinnier exhaust notes but allowing the deeper bass tones to come through - making every motor sound throatier and deeper than with another silencer.

These silencers (when mated with the appropriate tubing) enable owners to design and construct their own system, or just change their backbox

see here for cut away views explaining this design feature & fitted photos
(Code: 262)
Information On SuperSlim Electric Cooling FansWhy Fit or Replace an Electric fan? If your vehicle suffers from marginal cooling a more efficient replacement or additional fan will provide increased airflow to the radiator.
If your vehicle retains the standard engine driven fan, as with most classics, upgrading to an electric fan will make the engine run more efficiently and liberate horsepower.

What Are SuperSlim Fans? SuperSlim is a range of 12v engine cooling fans from 9"dia to 16"dia with universal adapter brackets for ease of fitting. The fans may be either mounted in front of the radiator to blow or behind the radiator to pull dependent on the clearance available.
The fans are factory set to pull air (sucker); if you wish to blow air (pusher) simply undo the center spindle nut & washer, remove and reverse the fan blades and refit.
For optimum performance the largest fan that will fit should be used. The Fan kits are manufactured to OEM standards and are fitted with finger guards. Fans are very quiet running due to their modern multi-blade design. The kit as supplied can be wired through the original radiator switch as a replacement, alternatively a manual switch installed inside the vehicle can be used, or ideally a thermostatic controller.

Why buy SuperSlim Brand? There are a lot of fans out there, and we accept SuperSlim are not the cheapest, but we believe they are excellent value for money - if comparing prices, please also compare quality:
  • Metal housing is heavy-duty powder coated and passes BS 96 hour salt-spray test
  • High quality EU manufactured ball bearings for long lasting and near silent operation
  • Balanced armatures for smoother running & better performance. Armatures are wound on computerised automatic winding machine for higher output
  • Fitted with permanent magnets
  • Blade & shroud manufactured from nylon with 30% injected fibreglass to prevent deforming under high underbonnet temperatures
  • Blades attached at circumference as well as hub providing greater longevity and rigidity than other designs
  • Ultra thin configuration for ease of fitting in tight locations
  • Very high output for fan size - see CFM figures below
  • Every blade balanced before shipping
  • Every fan load tested before shipping

What Size Do I Need? To judge what size fan is ideal, first consider whether you are going to mount it in front or behind the radiator, then measure the available space (which is many instances will be the width of the radiatior). The bigger the fan, the better as the more cooling is provided - the engine will not be overcooled as these should should operate in conjunction with a thermostatic controller so only power up as and when required.
Please note that a 7" fan is too small to use as the main radiator cooling fan on any vehicle above 900cc - these are usefully employed as twins or in conjunction with the main fan or as heater/air conditioner blowers, or for mounting to an oil cooler.

SuperSlim fan chosen by RetroFord Magazine to solve their cooling problems - read all about it (their informative article also doubles up as a handy fitting guide)
(Code: FanInfo)
Starter Motor High TorqueCan give in excess of 200% more cranking power
Uses up to 40% less current than original unit
Starts engine regardless of compression or temperature
Straightforward replacement for the original unit
Also suits race/gel batteries
Approx weight saving of 45% compared with original unit, thanks to use of billet alloy components
Smaller profile - handy for exhaust clearance problems on modified cars
Also alleviates the problem of "cooked" starters from performance manifolds due to its smaller profile - however if close proximity to manifold is still a problem we would advise use of heatshielding
Nipon Denso internals
Brand new - not reconditioned
Hand assembled to order (so allow 2-3 days before despatch) & individually tested in the UK
No old core charges

click here for all details and vehicle fitting applications
(Code: 131)
In Stock
Ashley Competition ExhaustsAshley exhausts are precision designed & built in the UK.
Ideal for Cobras, Kits and modified cars
Renowned the world over for producing a great engine note, supplied in powder coated mild steel with highly polished tailpipes
These silencers (when mated with the appropriate tubing) enable owners to design and construct their own system, or just change their backbox.
(Code: 194)
Before you order plates from us please be advised that plates are made to order:
We are unable to accept returns on plates (unless incorrectly configured by ourselves) as it is unlikely we will be able to sell them to anyone else!
(Code: 217)
Simply select the product you wish to order by clicking "add to cart".
Once you have everything you want click on "My Cart".
You will then be asked to enter your address so as the computer can calculate a delivery cost (delivery cost depends on delivery destination).
If you are happy with your order, including the quoted delivery cost, you can proceed to enter your payment details.
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No, but you will obviously need to supply address and other details to enable us to process your order. If you do sign up for an account it just saves you having to repeat all your details next time. You will just need to re-enter your credit card details as we do not keep those on file.
We do not supply any information to 3rd parties.
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No. If you prefer to talk to a real person we would love to hear from you.

Telephone from UK 01825 873551
Telephone outside UK 0044 1825 873551
We are usually open 9:30 to 5:30 Monday to Friday

If you wish to phone your order through to help us identify which product you are after please have the exact title of the product as it appears on the website, it may also be helpful if you have the part code number (where is says code in brackets at the bottom of every product description) and the price. However please be advised that we can only take phone orders over a value of £20 (we cannot manually input orders to our credit card machine under £20 - orders for under £20 have to be placed on the web site).
(Code: 254)
All items are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Please see Terms & Conditions for full details.
(Code: 255)
The delivery cost is calculated on the weight of the items you are buying and the country you want them delivered to.
A delivery cost is then automatically calculated after you have chosen your purchases and then filled in your address.
Once your total bill (including shipping cost) is presented for you to check, you will then be forwarded to the final page to fill in your payment card details if you want to place the order.
Then your order will be processed by us here and despatched
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Card payments are processed by Barclays Merchant Services.
We do not disclose any buyers' information to third parties.
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Manufactured to the original design and same high standard as the original red cherry bombs these are constructed from from 304 stainless, highly polished to a mirror finish and carry a lifetime warranty.
(Code: 270)
The components on this page, when mated with appropiate silencers as available on this site, enable the construction of a custom exhaust.
All our exhaust components are 16/18 guage - allowing you to construct the best exhaust possible for your vehicle.

(Code: 293)
Lotus (TVR Marcos Ginetta)
We are currently stocking a few dedicated Lotus lines due to popular demand. May also fit TVR, Ginetta, Marcos and other classic British specials as well as kit cars.
(Code: 375)
Bulk Buyers & Traders
We are the manufacturers or importers of many of the products featured here and thus can offer the bulk buying discounts offered here.
Please note that if you are reading this on our mobile optimised site you will have to revert to the full site to see pricing.

Note that prices quoted include VAT tax, if VAT is not payable by you then it will be removed when you check-out.
If you require a bulk-buy price on any of our other products then please contact us

We would also advise you to join our trade newsletter here to keep in touch & receive our latest trade price lists
(Code: 334)
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Castrol ValvemasterShould you not wish to have your car classic car engine converted to consume lead-free petrol by means of cylinder head conversion etc, then you are highly advised to use a petrol additive. The lead in petrol plays two major roles; firstly it prevents valve recession into the head by means of lubricating action, and secondly provides an octane boost to ensure correct burning and alleviate pre-ignition (reducing pinking). Either of Castrol's products are designed to replacement the lead element missing in unleaded petrol and negate any harm possible caused by ethanol. The Valvemaster Plus also contains an octane booster to boost the octane level of unleaded petrol up to the desired 98 level (equivilent of the old 4 star) for correct running of classic cars. Should you not wish to use the octane booster then we would advise you to either alter the engine timing to account for the lower octane rating of unleaded petrol.

With obvious concerns about the efficacy of Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP), especially as regards its lack of a British Standard, and the petrol companies' own warnings regarding the unsuitability of their product for "everyday" use, most owners are opting to use Castrol's Valvemaster plus.

In a test performed by the Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Castrol Valvemaster was shown to offer the highest level of protection. Valve master is recommended by many motoring clubs.

Valvemaster Fuel Additives contain Etha-Guard. Etha-Guard counteracts ethanol’s hygroscopic nature, preventing moisture and damage to your fuel system, stabilising E5 & E10 petrol. Enables use of E5 & E10 petrol. Prevents corrosion in fuel systems. Prevents acidity in ethanol fuel. Keeps fuel system clean. Protects your vehicle in use or storage; also prevents damage to fibreglass fuel tanks.

Designed within the cap is a measuring device in order to make it easy to calculate how much additive to use - 10 ml of castrol Valvemaster treats 10 litres of unleaded fuel, so the 250ml bottle treats 250L of fuel
(Code: 336)
End of lines, Bargains, Overstocks etcSold at cost or below-cost price.

Only available while stocks last
(Code: 355)
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RatSport Decal FreeMeasures 90mm
Its small, but its also free.
Just add to your cart, only two per customer

Dont want to buy anything now but still want a RatSport sticker? Thats fine, just send us an SAE entitled Free Sticker
(Code: 357)
In Stock
Badge bars and clips are 3/4" diameter
click here for examples of these bars fitted to cars
(Code: 365)
Ratsport Servo Kit Chosen By Practical ClassicsThere are a few other servo kits available from other manufacturers, some cheaper, some dearer. Ours was the kit chosen by Practical Classics Magazine in Nov 07 to fit to one of their Triumph Vitesse. Here our a couple of quotes from their article:
"Is it worth fitting? Lord yes. While I have no scientific evidence to back up my findings, post-modification the vehicle's stoppers feel more than up to the job required of them"
"The brakes are now comfortably positive, with an increase in controllable retardation and an absence of grabbing or or lock-up"
"All in all, I believe I've successfully brought the brakes up to 21st Century standard with this servo"

You can download the full article, which also includes a handy pictorial fitting guide here:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
(Code: 392)
Jump / Booster LeadsIn my opinion only 2 things are of consideration when comparing jump leads: The current flow - the higher the amps the more & quicker the current flows. Length of cable - short cables are inconvenient

We dont bother selling the really piddly leads found in some spares shops - they take a long time to pass a charge and sometimes dont work at all on larger vehicles with dead flat batteries. And they sometimes get hot.
Personally I dont think even the 200amp ones are much good, but people keep asking for them so I sell them.
(Code: 402)
RatSport Servo Kit Chosen By Retro FordOurs was the kit chosen by Retro Ford magazine December 07 issue to fit to one of their vehicles.
Here are a few quotes from the article:
"The kit we used was Ratsport's remote servo. It cost £139.95 which is a bargain considering the results it gave. Its quite a comprehensive kit too, as the servo is supplied with a brake pipe (complete with unions fitted), vacuum pipe and a one way valve"
"Nick was simply in awe of the difference the kit made, commenting on the much better feel and control"
"Overall the kit wasn't too difficult to fit, so long as you're OK on the spanners you shouldn't struggle"
"Its a top notch kit and a small price to pay for the drastic improvement it makes"
(Code: 406)
In Stock
Spectre Engine Dress KitsManufactured by Spectre Performance USA
As the UK distributors we import these kits directly. Please allow 7 days in addition to usual delivery time
(Code: 484)
Gauge BracketsAll the brackets & pods below take 2" (52mm) standard size gauges
(Code: 557)
Information On Stainless Braided HoseSuitable for petrol, ethanol (E10- E85 compatible), diesel, oil, water, brake/clutch, ATF fluid
Available in internal diameter sizes of  1/8" (3.2mm) 1/4" (6mm), 5/16" (8mm), 3/8" (10mm),  1/2" (12mm)
1/4" (6mm) and 5/16" (8mm) can be fitted with rubber ends & worm drive clips or MagnaClamps,

Greatly outlasts ordinary hose.
Protective braid greatly reduces possibility of breakdown through chafing.
Stainless reflective weave helps prevent fuel vapourisation problems.

This hose was originally marketed as a fuel hose upgrade since the 1960s under the Smiths Petroflex brand, it gradually became available for all fluid transfer applications.
(Code: 581)
We are able to supply new distributors for a wide range of applications.
Our distributors are hand assembled in the UK and individually tested and built to order.
(Code: 583)
Distributor Service KitsKit consists of replacement cap, rotor, points, condenser
(Code: 593)
Example of Silencer DTM 212002These exhausts are very easy to fit and will enhance the performance and appearance of most cars, even Volvo estates!
(Code: 608)
All petrol engines should be fitted with a fuel filter. Even £80 lawn mowers do these days. If your car doesn't have one then you are not preventing dirt and grit from getting into the carb, which will cause misfiring, poor running and maybe stoppage.
The dirt is everywhere, the grit tends to come from the fuel tank which rusts internally so dropping particles into the fuel - this can particularly be a problem if you run low or out of fuel and the pump is sucking the dregs from the bottom and disturbing the sediment. Slowly rusting fuel pipes don't help either.
A lot of older classics were not factory fitted with fuel filters as the technology wasn't around then. Its always sensible to fit at least one, and very easy - just cut into the fuel line, insert and clamp up.
For an ultra neat installation use a clamp, which will also stop the filter waving around and unnecessarily flexing the fuel lines.
These filters are for carb vehicles, for injected vehicles use the manufacturer's part number.
All our filters are compatible with modern ethanol-added fuels (E10-E85)
(Code: 692)
Exhaust Cut Out Butterfly ValvesExhaust cut outs enable the possibility of 2 exhaust systems in one car. Restricted (and quiet) for the street, freeflow (and noisy) for the racetrack.
By means of a butterfly valve installed in the system you can direct the exhaust flow from the cockpit either through the standard exhaust or a more powerful and less restrictive system (or totally unrestricted) by the pull of a cable or press of a switch.
This feature is a factory option on the current Maserati & Aston – now available here.

A common set up is to place the Y piece & valve before the cat or main silencer to have a choice of routing gas flow through the standard system or through a cherry bomb or similar (or left totally open)

As the powered version opens and closes in under 3 seconds it can also cause some smiles/frowns at the traffic light grand prix….especially if you route the exhaust to alternate final exit pipes.
(Code: 701)
In Stock
Enables easy switching between batteries.

Usefully deployed in boats, campers etc to use one battery while parked up for lights, radio, fridge, and other leisure applications, and then switch to main battery when you fire the motor up again without worrying that it will be flat. Then put switch to both batteries once running so as the alternator will recharge the leisure battery.
Make before break design means that memories (eg on radio) are retained during switchover
(Code: 735)
In Stock
Each lead has twin angled connections
(Code: 775)
Car ShowsWe are attending the following shows. Please come & say hello

Race Retro at NAC Stoneleigh, Coventry. 25/26/27 February. Stands 63-63
(Code: 833)
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Cherry Bomb DecalWant a sticker for your cherry bomb?
Measures 103mm by 546mm
Free when you buy a cherry bomb, just add it to your cart. 1 per cherry purchased.
(Code: 854)
Application list:
Innocenti 90 1.0 1974-1986
Innocenti Mini 1.0 1974-1991
Innocenti 120 1.3 1974-1986
Innocenti Mini 1.3 1976-1983
Jaguar Sovereign III 3.4 1979-1985
Jaguar XJ6 III 3.4 1979-1985
Jaguar Sovereign III 3.4 1979-1985
Jaguar XJ6 III 3.4 1979-1985
Jaguar XJ6 II 3.4 1973-1979
Jaguar Sovereign II 3.4 1973-1979
Jaguar XJS II 3.6i 1983-1987
Jaguar XJSC II 3.6i 1983-1987
Jaguar Sovereign II 4.2 1973-1975
Jaguar Daimler I 4.2 1968-1979
Jaguar Limousine I 4.2 1968-1985
Jaguar Limousine I 4.2 1968-1985
Jaguar Limousine I 4.2 1968-1985
Jaguar Limousine II 4.2i 1985-1991
Jaguar Daimler II 4.2i 1979-1985
Jaguar Daimler II 4.2i 1979-1985
Jaguar Sovereign II 4.2i 1975-1979
Jaguar Vanden Plas II 4.2i 1975-1979
Jaguar XJ6 II 4.2i 1975-1979
Jaguar Vanden Plas III 4.2i 1979-1985
Jaguar Sovereign III 4.2i 1979-1985
Jaguar XJ6 III 4.2i 1979-1986
Jaguar Double Six III 4.2i 1979-1986
Jaguar Sovereign III 4.2i 1979-1985
Jaguar Vanden Plas III 4.2i 1979-1985
Jaguar Double Six III 4.2i 1979-1986
Jaguar XJ6 III 4.2i 1979-1986
Jaguar Sovereign III 4.2i 1985-1986
Land Rover 90 2.3 1984-1987
Land Rover 110 2.3 1984-1987
Land Rover 88 Series IIIq 2.3 1971-1981
Land Rover 109 Series IIIq 2.3 1971-1985
Land Rover 109 Series IIIq 2.3 1979-1985
Land Rover 90 2.5 1985-1990
Land Rover 110 2.5 1985-1990
Land Rover Defender 90 I 2.5 1990-1994
Land Rover Defender 110 I 2.5 1990-1994
Leyland Sherpa 1.6 1974-1978
Lotus Esprit 2.2 1980-1984
Lotus Esprit 2.2 1987-1989
Lotus Excel 2.2 1984-1991
Lotus Excel 2.2 1981-1986
Lotus Esprit 2.2i 1981-1993
Reliant Rialto 848cc 1981-1991
Reliant Robin 848cc 1975-1988
Reliant Kitten 848cc 1976-1983
Reliant Robin 848cc 1975-1988
Reliant Kitten 848cc 1976-1983
Reliant Robin 848cc 1975-1988
Reliant Kitten 848cc 1976-1983
Rover Group Metro 1.0 1980-1990
Rover Group Mini 1.0 1969-1992
Rover Group Mini 1.0 1969-1992
Rover Group Mini 1.0 1969-1992
Rover Group Mini 1.0 1980-1988
Rover Group Mini 1.0 1980-1988
Rover Group Mini 1.1 1969-1980
Rover Group Allegro I/II 1.1 1973-1979
Rover Group Allegro III 1.1 1979-1984
Rover Group 1300 1.3 1962-1976
Rover Group Mini 1.3 1969-1980
Rover Group Allegro III 1.3 1979-1984
Rover Group 1300 1.3 1967-1977
Rover Group Montego 1.3 1984-1990
Rover Group Metro 1.3 1980-1984
Rover Group Maestro 1.3 1983-1992
Rover Group Allegro I/II 1.3 1973-1979
Rover Group Maxi 1.5 1970-1980
Rover Group Maxi 1.5 1970-1980
Rover Group Allegro III 1.5 1978-1984
Rover Group Allegro I/II 1.5 1973-1979
Rover Group Allegro III 1.5 1978-1984
Rover Group Maestro 1.6 1983-1994
Rover Group Maestro 1.6 1983-1990
Rover Group Allegro III 1.7 1979-1984
Rover Group Allegro III 1.7 1978-1984
Rover Group Allegro I/II 1.7 1973-1979
Rover Group Maxi 1.7 1971-1982
Rover Group Maxi 1.7 1971-1982
Rover Group Allegro III 1.7 1978-1984
Rover Group Princess 1.8 1974-1978
Rover Group Princess 2.2 1978-1982
Rover Group Princess 2.3 1974-1978
Rover Group Mini 848cc 1969-1980
Rover Group MG Metro 1.3 1982-1989
Rover Group MG Metro 1.3 1982-1989
Rover Group MG Midget 1.5 1974-1980
Rover Group MG Maestro 1.6 1982-1985
Rover Group MGB 1.8 1966-1980
Rover Group Maestro 1.3 1990-1994
Rover Group 2300 SD1 2.3 1977-1987
Rover Group 2600 SD1 2.6 1977-1987
Rover Group Vanden Plas 2.6 1982-1986
Rover Group Dolomite 1.3 1975-1981
Rover Group Toledo 1.3 1971-1977
Rover Group Spitfire III 1.3 1969-1970
Rover Group Triumph 1500 II
(Code: 875)
Heatshielding ProductsFor products which are designed to reflect the heat created by the exhaust and manifold please see Heatshielding
(Code: 876)
In Stock
Edge Trim & SealsMost vehicles are supplied with seals to help reduce the ingress of noise, water & drafts into the passenger compartment. In the case of bonnet & bootlids they also help to prevent metal to metal contact. Potentially sharp or rough edges are also prohibited by the SVA test on kitcars.

The seal attaches to the required area with a water tight seal. No messy glue, sealant or permanent fixtures needed (i.e screws rivets etc). Just press on for asnug super tight grip, that keeps your pride and joy water and draft free. The trim is metal lined and has grippy inner lips to provide the ultimate seal.

Our seals are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality EPDM rubber and PVC; these seals have been tested thoroughly by ourselves and far out perform imported thin rubber seals.
(Code: Seal)
Fitment ExampleExample of door trim pad and floormat produced using materials supplied by ourselves (expanded vinyl, foam, spray glue, rubber matting)
(Code: 911)
In Stock
RatSport DecalMeasures 90mm
Its small, but its also free.
Just add to your cart, only two per customer

Dont want to buy anything now but still want a RatSport sticker? Thats fine, just send us an SAE entitled Free Sticker

Please see under Badges, Stickers, Decals for other stickers
(Code: 913)
In Stock
RatSport T Shirt
RatSport T Shirt
Features RatSport in arc across rear shoulders and Rat logo on left breast.

Spend over £30 excluding VAT and shipping to claim your free T shirt
Only 1 per customer per order.
(Code: 914)
In Stock
RatSport Race DecalsWant a sticker for your race car?
Email us some details of your car (a pic would be nice), what formula you race in, and an idea of the size of decal you need; we will see if we van help
(Code: 924)
In Stock
Turnbutton FastenersA range of heavy duty fasteners suitable for marine & automotive uses. Manufactured in the EEC from nickel plated brass.
Extensive Kit & classic car use.
(Code: Turnbutton)
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