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Which Coil

(Code: Which Coil?)
Which CoilWhen replacing a coil you need to know:
  1. If your electrical system is 6 volt or 12 volt.
  2. If your ignition circuit is standard non-ballasted or ballasted (vehicles prior to mid 1970s tend to have standard circuits, later vehicles tend to have ballasted systems, up to late 1980s when coil packs started being used).
  3. If your high tension coil lead is a push in or vintage type screw in - all coils listed here are push-in unless stated otherwise.
  4. All our coils are the standard 55mm diameter, this is the standard size for vehicles except for some classic motorbikes which originally took a 48mm diameter coil.
  5. If you have electronic ignition fitted we would advise fitment of part code DLB193 or DLB105 or DLB105V to make the most of your electronic system.
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