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RatSport Products

Alternators - Uprated, Race, Chrome

Alternators - Uprated, Race, ChromeUprated, racing & chrome alternators


BadgebarMount your badges (also lamps, horns)

Badges, Decals, Graphics

Badges, Decals, GraphicsA range of best quality stainless & enamel badges, as well as decals, graphics & stickers

Battery Related Products

Battery Related ProductsGel batteries, cut-off switches, fast-release terminals, chargers, conditioners. leads & associated components

Bonnet/Boot Fasteners

Bonnet/Boot FastenersA small range of motorsport bonnet (hood) & bootlid fittings

Boot Luggage Racks

Boot Luggage RacksFull range of boot mounted luggage racks for convertibles

Brake Bias Adjuster Valve

Brake Bias Adjuster Valve

Adjustable Brake Proportion Bias Hydraulic Valve

Brake Servo (Remote)

Brake Servo (Remote)Remote brake servo kit for all cars (including kit cars) as well as a direct replacement for obsolete Girling Powerstop servos.


ClearanceEnd of lines, bargains, overstocks, etc.
Up to 67% off!!

Coachtrimming & Seals

Coachtrimming & SealsReplace tatty seals (and pass the SVA) - bootmats, bonnet insulation etc


Consumables/PaintChemicals, paints & other bodyshop consumables

Control Cables & Springs

Control Cables & SpringsChoke, Bonnet or Boot Release, Heater Control etc. Carb springs.

Cooling System

Cooling SystemFans, Header/Overflow Tanks, Caps etc

Dynamo & Dynator

Dynamo & DynatorLucas dynamos & high output lightweight dynamo replacements


ElectricalAriels, Switches, Fuseboxes, Electrical Wire, Horns, Relays, Control Boxes, Cigaretter Lighter, Gizmos etc

Engine Dress-Up

Engine Dress-UpBrighten your engine bay

Engine Protection

Engine ProtectionMagnetic Sump Plugs, Oil Pre-filters, MagnaGuard etc


ExhaustsImproving gas flow improves performance

Filters (Air & Fuel), Hoses (Stainless, Rubber, Silicone, Copper) & Accessories

Filters (Air & Fuel), Hoses (Stainless, Rubber, Silicone, Copper) & AccessoriesImprove your intake. air & fuel filters, pumps, braided hose, ram pipes etc

Fire Extinguishers

Fire ExtinguishersBetter safe than sorry. A range from handheld to wall-mounted

Free Stuff

Free StuffStickers, pens, T Shirts

Fuel Preservative

Fuel PreservativePrevents gum, varnish formation * corrosion in stored fuel tanks & systems

Fuel Pumps

Fuel PumpsFor Road & Competition

Fuel Swirl Pot

Fuel Swirl PotAlloy universal fit fuel swirl surge tank

Fuel Tank Repair Sealant Bill Hirsch

Fuel Tank Repair Sealant Bill HirschRepairs & seals rusty or leaking petrol tanks


GaugesA full range

Gear Knobs

Gear KnobsAvailable in wood, leather & alloy, with a full range of logos

Gear Lever Gaiter

Gear Lever GaiterGaiters & Boots

Heat & Sound Shielding

Heat & Sound ShieldingExcess underbonnet heat robs horsepower and can lead to early component failure.

Hirsch Auto Products

Hirsch Auto ProductsBill Hirsch Automotive Products

Ignition Components

Ignition ComponentsDistributors ,Sports coils, electronic ignition, HT leads etc

Lights, LEDs & Upgrades

Lights, LEDs & UpgradesRange of upgraded lights (halogen conversion, flourescent, LED, auxillary etc) Lucas, Wipac & remote controller

Lotus TVR Marcos Ginetta Cobra & Kits

Lotus TVR Marcos Ginetta Cobra & KitsMost other products I sell on this site will fit Lotus, but here is a small range dedicated to Lotus/TVR/Marcos/Ginetta, as well as Cobras & Kit cars


MirrorsDoor, bullet, gutter, wing mounted mirrors

Oil Catch Tanks

Oil Catch TanksIncreases available power by removing sludge

Registration Plates & Stainless Backing Plates

Registration Plates & Stainless Backing PlatesSilver & black classic registration plates in aluminium. plastic & self-adhesive

Road Wheel Accessories

Road Wheel AccessoriesCaps, valve nuts, spacers etc

Screens, Aeroscreens, Visors

Screens, Aeroscreens, VisorsWhat's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind before it hits your screen? Answer here

Seatbelts & Harnesses

Seatbelts & HarnessesIts usually best to remain securely in the vehicle at speed. Also retro-fit reat belts


SeatsA small range of seats designed for Kit Cars & upgrades to Classic Cars

Silicone Hose

Silicone HoseA full range

Starter Motor Hi-Torque

Starter Motor Hi-TorqueStart first time every time, while carrying less weight & saving amps
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