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Powered Electric Exhaust Cut Out Valve Kit

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Powered Electric Exhaust Cut Out Valve KitUniversal fit powered exhaust valve kit

Kit consists of:
Y Piece:
304 stainless 3" (76mm) Outside Diameter, 10" (255mm) long. TiG welded with flange to take powered butterfly valve
Butterfly Valve: CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum plate 1/2" thick, operating on central 304 stainless steel spindle .375" diameter with needle bearings controlling the 304 stainless butterfly. Socket head stainless fastenings used throughout
Butterfly Valve Motor: Sealed waterproofed 12V motor with bumpstop. Complete with flylead. Opens and closes in under 3 seconds
Butterfly Valve Operation Switch: Waterproofed 2 way spring-back momentary switch with central off position. In line fuse holder & fuse
Fittings: 304 stainless, 3" OD, 45 degree 6.5" long post-valve extension pipe. Stainless flange. Mikalor exhaust clamp.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the warranty: This product is intended for race use only and carries NO WARRANTY direct or implied.

Does it come with instructions? As with all race parts this kit DOES NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS as fitting depends on your specific application. It should however be able to be fitted in a few hours by a competent mechanic. The electric supply requires only 2 connections earth and power.

I have a V8. Do I need 2? If your exhaust is 2 separate systems (connected only by a balance bar) then yes you probably will. You could run with just 1 side open but this will tend to unbalance the engine (especially if you have a performance scavenging type manifold fitted) as well as making the car sound like an out of tune 4 cylinder.

With the valve completely closed how much gas escapes? As the butterfly sits on a flange either side then when it closes it does so completely and abuts against the flange

Does the valve need to be fully open or fully closed? No you run with it as partially open as you want, you control the degree of power & volume.

I plan to fit the motor underneath the car so it is going to be pretty exposed, that OK? Yes its dirt & water sealed.

Can you supply in a different size than 3"? No sorry. We built it as 3" as this it is rare to come across a vehicle exhaust larger than 3" so gas flow on the largest systems will not be diminished. If you need a reducer sleeve then they are readily available, including from ourselves.

How smooth is the flow in the Y piece. Ive seen some "performance exhausts" which are rough inside and disturb smooth gas flow. So have I. This is very smooth. All internal welds are filed flat and each unit is hand finished internally.

Im a trader. Can you do a trade discount? Yes we can discount any of our products only if you take 10 or more of each product.
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