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Manifold & Exhaust Bandage Wrap Natural

(Code: 749746 1)
Manifold & Exhaust Bandage Wrap : 1mm thick. 50mm wide. 1 meter roll
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Insulating Wrap is an innovative way to create more horsepower and reduce under-bonnet temperatures.

Wrapping manifolds (headers) maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density. Increased exhaust scavenging is produced, along with lower intake temperatures - lowering intake temperatures equals denser air intake (the denser the air the more oxygen it contains).
Allows faster spooling of turbochargers. reducing lag.
An added benefit is that wrapping the manifold will help reduce fuel vapourisation tendencies as more heat is dissipated out of the exhaust rather than into the engine bay. Also protects from heat under-bonnet wiring, starter motors and other electrical components.

Withstands continuous heat and contains no asbestos.

We supply it in 2 grades:
1mm thick (withstands intermittent temperatures of 2000F and continuous temperatures of 1200)
2.1mm thick (withstands intermittent temperatures of 2000F and continuous temperatures of 1600)

We would advise that race users and turbo equipped vehicles use the 2.2mm thick grade

How much will I need?
I think it would be rare to find a manifold that would take less than 3meters - most 4 cylinders such as the ones shown here will take 6-8meters, and a longbranch 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder will take more. An extractor (bunch of bananas) manifold on a V8 would take 12-15 meters per side. Usage also depends on how much overlapping is applied (thinner grades may be closer overlapped to achieve the width of thicker grades if desired, although less overlapping produces a neater result).
Please note that when first fitted the wrap creates a nasty smell until it "cures" after 20 minutes of engine running.

How do the stainless ties work and how many will I need?
They perform the same function as plastic zip ties or cable ties. However they are heatproof and much stronger being made of stainless steel band and the locking mechanism is operated by a captive ball bearing. Like cable ties they can only be used once.
A typical 4 cylinder 4>2>1 configuration manifold would require a minimum of 8 ties

I have seen this tape used as a temporary repair to rusty/holed exhaust systems, what do you think?
We have seen this tape used as a repair to cover rust in silencers and pipes as once bound tightly and cured it becomes semi-rigid. How effective your repair is likely to be or how long it would last we are unable to advise.
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749746 1  1mm thick. 50mm wide. 1 meter roll  5.40 Details Buy
749746 10  1mm thick. 50mm wide. 10 meter roll  18.54 Details Buy
749747 1  2.1mm thick. 50mm wide. 1 meter roll  6.00 Details Buy
749747 10  2.1mm thick. 50mm wide. 10 meter roll  27.60 Details Buy
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