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Lap Belt Alloy Lift-Up Latch

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Lap Belt Alloy Lift-Up LatchDesigned for retro fitting to classics
Can be fitted to front or rear seats
Ideal solution to these applications:
1)Cars that were manufactured without seatbelts, and the owner wants to fit a period seatbelt as a safety measure
2)Cars that were manufactured with a lap belt that is now tired or frayed or otherwise not of MoT standard (it should not be used as a substitute for a 3 point belt if the car was originally manufactured with a 3 point belt)
3)Cars that were manufactured without rear seat belts, and the owner wants to fit a period seatbelt in the rear (eg for child seats) as a safety measure.

Meets all Federal, SAE & UK specifications
Aluminium quick-release aircraft type buckle. Herringbone pattern webbing.
Supplied with fittings. Adjustable up to 60" (132cm) maximum overall length

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