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Fuel Filler Caps

Rubber Fuel Filler Neck Hose2" internal diameter, fuel (& ethanol) proof spiral steel reinforced rubber hose
(Code: 333)
Alloy Fuel Filler Cap & NeckFiller neck & screw cap (non-vented)
2" OD
Available 2" or 3" high
Suitable for anyone constructing a custom tank - weld neck into alloy tank, or bond into ABS / fibreglass tank.
UK manufactured
(Code: 669-2)
Aston Chrome Fuel Filler Cap 2 3/4"Originally made by Enots in the late 1930s, these caps are usually associated with competition cars of the 50s and 60s such as Coopers & Cobras, and was then used on most sports racing cars until dry break systems became compulsory in international motorsport - as with all great designs they still enhance much more modern modern machinery.

Quick release
As well as fuel tanks, are often seen on oil tanks, rocker covers etc.
Will attach to drilled neck (grub screws & allen key supplied)
Alternatively solder or weld onto existing collar, flange, funnel or neck

90mm External Cap Diameter
Length 125mm
Height 47mm
(Code: 332)
Filler Cap Screw Top StainlessOriginal dealer option locking cap for Triumph TR3 to TR6, but very suitable for generic use.
Constructed from mirror finish polished stainless with rubber sealing seal
Screw top with Wilmot Breeden lock, supplied with 2 keys
Ideal hot rod tanks, marine & all fuel tanks with the standard 2" neck
Dimensions: Neck 50mm (2"). Diameter 76mm (3.")
UK manufactured
(Code: 246)
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