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Curved Stainless Deflector Tailpipe

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Curved Stainless Deflector TailpipeCurved tailpipe which can be used angled either downwards (usually classics, campervans etc) or upwards (zoomies)
Adjustable twin side clamps and a choice of 2 body sizes means it will fit exhaust pipes with an outside diameter of 45mm to 75mm
Length 220mm
Marine grade stainless steel

These are our most popular tail pipe finishers, so I'll bore you a little: They were originally marketed in rather poor quality chrome in the 60s by Cosmic Accessories to turn the exhaust down for when you were towing a caravan or similar so as you wouldn't put a sooty spot on it (exhausts were sometimes a bit dirtier before the days of emission tests than they are today). Then everyone bought one anyway as it was shiny and made the exhaust look nice. Then the fast-road brigade got hold of them and fitted them to angle the exhaust sideways and even upwards. Canny Cosmic spotted this and remarketed them and called them Zoomies - to be fair they did look good on twin exhausts and gave a more subtle look than today's wide bore pipes.
I have also seen them used sideways as turn-out tips for Yank, Hot Rod & Locust owners

The adjuster underneath the car is not visible when fitted
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