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Control Cables & Springs

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Cable Clamp - Trunnion KitUsed as a pull stop for cable.
Sometimes referred to as a solderless nipple
(Code: 986)
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Carb Return SpringAs used on most classics fitted with SU or Weber/Dellorto carbs (if you have twin carbs, you will require two).
Also usefully employed for throttle body return springs
Compressed length 40mm
Supplied individually
(Code: 985)
In Stock
Bonnet Release CableSteel construction with stranded inner cable & ABS T Handle
5ft outer cable, 5ft 6 in inner cable
Requires 9mm panel hole
(Code: 458)
In Stock
Red Pull Cable12ft 3 in
Requires 9mm panel hole
Often employed for fire extinguishers
(Code: 763)
In Stock
Universal Locking Stranded Choke CableSteel & ABS construction with stranded inner cable
5ft outer cable, 5ft 6 in inner cable (trim to size required - note may not be long enough for rear engined vehicles)
Locking (turn to lock)
Requires 9mm panel hole
(Code: 456)
In Stock
Universal Push / Pull CableFor Choke, Bonnet or Boot heater controls, remote seat adjustment etc. Solid piano wire inner cable 5ft long inside a low friction outer 5ft 6in long; trim to length required. Steel housing & bakerlite knob. Fits through a 9mm panel hole.
(Code: 457)
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