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Cherry Bomb Information

(Code: 262)
Cherry Bomb InformationWith a straight through silencer design for easier engine breathing for maximum performance, and that deep power sound. They are constructed from heavy gauge steel with 360 degree welded ends. With glass packing and a heat resistant cherry red finish.

There is a particular design explanation why Cherry Bombs have been so popular for so long: Almost any half-decent exhaust will improve horsepower over mass produced, often crude, factory systems, Cherrys go one step further by also producing a unique sound by deadening the higher tinnier exhaust notes but allowing the deeper bass tones to come through - making every motor sound throatier and deeper than with another silencer.

These silencers (when mated with the appropriate tubing) enable owners to design and construct their own system, or just change their backbox

see here for cut away views explaining this design feature & fitted photos

Note that the lengths quoted is the length of the silencer body, not including the fitting sleeves at either end, which are approx 2" each end except in the case of stepped sleeves bombs which are longer a longer 4" each end Note that these sleeves will slot inside or outside the pipe you are fitting the silencer to and so do not add to the fitted length
Inlet/Outlet sizes quoted are Internal Diameter
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