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Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint

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Miracle Paint Size/Colour : Black: 1 US Pint (0.473 litre)
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Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint.

Now available in 3 colours, and original black now available in an extra heavy duty formula.
This American manufactured product is the best way to repair and restore rusted chassis and vehicle underside panelwork, no need to remove rust before applying. Use as rust preventative basecoat on new chassis and underside body sections.

A moisture cured non porus paint that bonds to rusted and corroded metals like no other coating.
Dries rock hard and will not chip, crack or peel.
Impervious to petrol, diesel, lacquer, thinners, salt and household strength acids.
Can be painted directly over rusted surfaces, is strengthened by moisture.
As well as metal, will seal concrete, grout, wood and porous tile like nothing else.
Can be sprayed rolled or brushed. Can be top coated.

Product is supplied with full information sheet, but in particular these salient points should be noted:

  • Apply in temperatures of 60F (15C)
  • If exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) then should be top coated to ensure longest life
  • Solvent can be used to clean spills, hands, spray equipment, brushes etc only before paint has cured. Once allowed to dry Miracle Paint cannot be removed with any solvent
  • Will cure in approx 4 hours in dry atmosphere and approx 1 hour in damp conditions

Video showing Miracle Paint in action

As the UK importers we sometimes get asked what is the difference between this specialist coating and other rust-proofing paints: There are other products on the market which do a good job of preventing rust almost indefinitely, however they will not accept any flex and will instead crack and split once fully cured. They do a good job on non-flexing applications eg cast iron railings. However car and marine applications do flex, even car chassis flex slightly - which is why paints such as Hammerite are never marketed at the automotive sector.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL TOLL FREE 1-800 828 2061. FAX 973 642 6161 WWW.HIRSCHAUTO.COM (E-MAIL) [email protected]


Code Miracle Paint Size/Colour  Price   
BHMPBLP  Black: 1 US Pint (0.473 litre)  76.80 Details Buy
BHMPBLPH  Black Heavy Duty: 1 US Pint (0.473 litre)  85.20 Details Buy
BHMPBLQ  Black: 1 US Quart (0.94 litre)  106.80 Details Buy
BHMPBLQH  Black Heavy Duty: 1 US Quart (0.94 litre)  118.80 Details Buy
BHMPSLP  Silver: 1 US Pint (0.473 litre)  76.80 Details
BHMPSLQ  Silver 1 US Quart (0.94 litre)  106.80 Details Buy
BHMPWHQ  White: 1 US Quart (0.94 litre)  106.80 Details Buy
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Shopping Satisfaction
Miracle Paint Size/Colour : Black: 1 US Pint (0.473 litre)
Not used the product yet. Like the extra advice note for use and guidance.
Robert R.
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