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Battery Acid Absorbing Mat

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Battery Acid Absorbing MatMade from special material which absorbs and neutralizes battery acid from around the base of the battery.
Dampens battery vibration.
Simply cut to size with scissors to match the shape of the battery or battery tray

The Battery Mat is made of super absorbent polypropylene needle punch felt, with one side heat treated to give it additional strength. This fabric is slowly pressure-treated at high temperatures with a unique, all-natural, acid neutralizing formula, and then cured in ovens. Finally, the fabric is dipped in a latex sealant mixture, again in ovens, and screen printed.

World's Only Acid Neutralizing Mat / Acid Absorbing Mat
Traps and Neutralizes Battery Acid
Protects the Environment
Protects battery from harmful road vibration
Easy to Install
Completely Safe to Handle Before & During Installation
Protects against Corrosion
Ideal for placing under batteries in storage
Used by all Branches of the U.S. Military
Can be cut to fit your battery tray
Installation instructions included
Dimensions: Width: 8 in. Height: 12 in Thickness: 3/16 in
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