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Alloy Radiator Header & Breather Tank (Pressure Cap Type) Cylindrical

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This tank is designed for vehicles which do not have a pressure cap on the radiator, or require a pressure cap on the expansion tank. (If you do have a pressure cap on the radiator and want to fit this breather tank then you would need to replace it with a valveless cap ( see radiator caps) or remove the valve from your current cap)
Unlike an expansion tank (which can be mounted anywhere) a breather tank must be mounted at the highest point of the cooling system to operate efficiently.
Prevents air locks and leaves room for expansion.

Twin inlets OD 8mm (5/16"), bottom outlet pipe OD 10mm (3/8"), neck overflow 6mm (1/4")
Height including cap 212mm
Diameter 61mm
Capacity 0.6L
Weighs 406 gram
Kit is supplied complete with fitting kit, hose clamps, 220cm length hose

Takes "mini" Japanese/motorbike size cap (32mm ID neck) - Supplied with 1.3bar cap as part of kit (additional caps available if required, see radiator caps section)

Tank is configured with twin inlets to suit some motorsport applications. If only one inlet is to be used then either block off the spare one, or use a T-Piece for an ultra-neat installation
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