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Battery Accessories

Battery Terminal Clamp ExtenderElegantly solves the problem of messy terminal connections and makes it very easy to connect extra power (or earth) leads to the battery (without disturbing the already present connections)
Fits positive & negative terminals.
Easy & reliable direct connection to battery
Stud will accommodate one or several ring terminals
Solid brass construction
10.5mm stud length, overall length 35mm

Fits all standard 5/16" battery clamp threads including Ford square terminal types - may not fit small lawnmower or motorbike battery clamps
Fits positive & negative terminals.
Sold individually
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Battery Terminal Clamp CoversPair PVC Battery Terminal Clamp Covers.
Suit square terminal clamps
Maximum input cable diameter 20mm

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Battery Terminal Lead Repair ShimPure malleable lead battery repair shim
Solves the problem of worn or miss-shapen battery posts which can cause a loose connection - often found in classic cars due to frequent removal of battery or loosening for servicing. A much more effective solution to this problem than a sliver of silver foil.
Fits all standard round post battery terminals (not mini lawnmower/motorbike batteries or Ford square terminal batteries)
Fits positive & negative terminals.
Sold as a pair
Discount on quantity
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Battery Acid Absorbing MatMade from special material which absorbs and neutralizes battery acid from around the base of the battery.
Dampens battery vibration.
Simply cut to size with scissors to match the shape of the battery or battery tray

The Battery Mat is made of super absorbent polypropylene needle punch felt, with one side heat treated to give it additional strength. This fabric is slowly pressure-treated at high temperatures with a unique, all-natural, acid neutralizing formula, and then cured in ovens. Finally, the fabric is dipped in a latex sealant mixture, again in ovens, and screen printed.

World's Only Acid Neutralizing Mat / Acid Absorbing Mat
Traps and Neutralizes Battery Acid
Protects the Environment
Protects battery from harmful road vibration
Easy to Install
Completely Safe to Handle Before & During Installation
Protects against Corrosion
Ideal for placing under batteries in storage
Used by all Branches of the U.S. Military
Can be cut to fit your battery tray
Installation instructions included
Dimensions: Width: 8 in. Height: 12 in Thickness: 3/16 in
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Battery ClampStainless Battery Clamp
Suits all batteries up to a maximum length (or width) of 27 cm, rod length 15cm (adjustable)
(Code: 81)
Battery BoxDesigned to secure relocated batteries
Includes hold down strap and fittings.
Manufactured from acid resistant high strength polypropylene (not to be confused with lower grade similar caravan products)

Available in 2 sizes

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Awaiting stock.
Alloy Battery Tray
Secure your high performance battery in style. Machined from 6061-T6 billet alloy for strength, with powder coated black top. The battery mount holds the battery firmly in place and provides a rigid base to mount to the vehicle

Stainless hardware included.
Recessed bottom tray locks the battery in place
Will install on any flat surface, eg boot floor
Fits XS style batteries including S100/D100 and Optima Red or Yellow Top batteries (Group 34/78)
Dimensions: length 24.5cm, width 16.2cm, height 17cm
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