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Engine Dress-Up

Stainless Steel Cable Tie
Stainless cable tie.
Suitable for use on custom wiring installation and similar jobs.
Perform the same job as the standard black tie, but enhances rather than detracts from underbonnet appearance.
Fit by hand or with standard cable tie tool.
Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless - will never rust or discolour
Choice of lengths, all at 3/8" (5mm) wide
Discount on quantity
(Code: 374)
Chrome Bolt CapsFor the ultimate in engine detailing
These triple chrome plated caps (with supplied adapter) fit straight over existing bolt heads in seconds. (Much cheaper & quicker than changing bolts for chromed replacements)
Will not vibrate free, these caps make an immediate difference to engine bay impression.

Also suitable as bolt or nut caps for SVA requirements for Kit cars.

Supplied as a pack of 6

Click the thumbnail pic to see these parts in action
(Code: 539 10mm)
Coil ClampHighly polished stainless or chrome plated
Universal fit for all standard 55mm diameter round coils
(Code: 19 Chrome)
Billet Valve Cover Hold Down T BoltT design valve cover hold downs are triple chrome plated and as well as enhancing underbonnet appearance enable fast removal & refitment of valve cover
4" tall with standard 1/4" UNC (suits engines as diverse as Kent, X-Flow, Essex, Cologne, Rover V8 as well as most American V8s)

Sold each
(Code: T-Bolt)
Vacuum Advance CoverChrome vacuum advance cover
Simply slips over original advance unit an is held in place wth pre-fitted self-adhesive backing
Suits :
Delco without vernier advance
(Code: 443)
Chrome Oil Filler Cap Push OnHeavy triple plated chrome
Suits all valve & cam covers with standard 1 1/4" filler holes
(Code: 467)
Billet Plug Lead SeparatorsKeeps Ignition Wires organized and clear from other engine components and each other, prevents cross-firing.
Holds leads up to 8mm.
Manufactured from lightweight billet alloy, anodised black.
Sold as a set of 3 pieces: 2 x two lead blocks and 1 x 4 lead block - if you have a V8 you will probably require 2 sets.
(Code: 813/B)
Awaiting stock.
Chrome Throttle Return Spring BracketEasy way to mount throttle return (carb mouth closure) springs to custom project.
Or an ancillary stoppage as required by motorsport regulations
(Code: 538)
Chrome Oil Filler Cap For K Series, Honda, NissanBillet chrome oil filler cap for K-series engine eg Rover, Caterham, Lotus
Threaded fit.
Also fits Honda (including Vtec), Nissan & other Japanese engines with 28mm threaded filler hole.
Complete with O ring.
(Code: 757C)
Stainless Coil Clamp & CoverHighly polished stainless
Universal fit for all standard 55mm diameter round coils
(Code: 20)
Stainless Safety Racing Radiator Cap With Vent Release LeverStainless European manufactured high performance racing radiator cap with pressure release lever.
Allows release of pressure safely while system is still hot.
Greatly facilitates bleeding.
Choice pressure rating
(Code: 10297)
Chrome Radiator CapThis is a best quality British manufactured chrome cap (by Tregura)
Standard 15psi rating.
(Code: 316)
Stainless Horn BracketsPair of brackets to mount horns.
Laser cut from 2mm 304 stainless
(Code: 414)
Battery ClampStainless Battery Clamp
Suits all batteries up to a maximum length (or width) of 27 cm, rod length 15cm (adjustable)
(Code: 81)
Chrome Oil Filler Breather Cap Stub Pipe TypeHeavy triple plated chrome
Removable top cap
Suits all valve & cam covers with standard 1 1/4" push in filler hole
Features internal baffle to prevent oil splash and provide superior ventilation
Features 1/2" stub pipe for routing to oil catch tank or additional filter etc if desired
(Code: 469)
Lucas ACR Alternator GuardPolished stainless alternator fan blade safety guard.
Resurrection of a rare part.
Suits all Lucas ACR alternators (mounting holes 140mm centre to centre)
(Code: AltGuard)
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