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Why Fit A Fuel Filter

(Code: 692)
All petrol engines should be fitted with a fuel filter. Even £80 lawn mowers do these days. If your car doesn't have one then you are not preventing dirt and grit from getting into the carb, which will cause misfiring, poor running and maybe stoppage.
The dirt is everywhere, the grit tends to come from the fuel tank which rusts internally so dropping particles into the fuel - this can particularly be a problem if you run low or out of fuel and the pump is sucking the dregs from the bottom and disturbing the sediment. Slowly rusting fuel pipes don't help either.
A lot of older classics were not factory fitted with fuel filters as the technology wasn't around then. Its always sensible to fit at least one, and very easy - just cut into the fuel line, insert and clamp up.
For an ultra neat installation use a clamp, which will also stop the filter waving around and unnecessarily flexing the fuel lines.
These filters are for carb vehicles, for injected vehicles use the manufacturer's part number.
All our filters are compatible with modern ethanol-added fuels (E10-E85)
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