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Tank Clamps & Accessories

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Hose BlankMany of our tanks are fitted with twin inputs to suit V configurations and twin cams as well as standard inline engine configurations .
If only one inlet is to be used then either block off the spare one with this blanking plug, or use a T-Pieceto T two hoses into one.
This billet alloy hose blanking plug is a little nicer than using a bolt with a clamp on the end of the hose.
(Code: 280)
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Steel Hose Joiner and Step UpsUseful when plumbing in catch tanks to join hoses together or change hose size
(Code: 888)
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Brass Hose T PieceSome hose installations require a T fitment.
(Code: 765 14 metal)
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Catch Tank Bracket
Tank Securing Bracket

A rubber lined stainless clamp for bulkhead attachment for oil catch tanks - designed to suit tank code numbers 45 Alloy, 45 Stainless, 951, 277 Large

Provides an alternative or additional method of tank mounting

(Code: 49 Tank Bracket)
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