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Electronic Flasher Relay 2 Pin Loud

(Code: 878L)
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Electronic Flasher Relay 2 Pin LoudLoud beeping relay, suits classic vehicles & convertibles where the standard tick may not be heard causing indicators to be left on inadvertently.
2 pin 12v electronic flasher relay
21w x 2
A direct swap for all 2 pin units, hazard and flasher.
Outperforms and outlasts bi-metallic strip flashers (no moving parts)
Works perfectly with standard and LED bulbs.
Reliable & absolutely consistent flash rate regardless of current/engine speed.
Will also fix irregular or overly fast flasher problems associated with fitting LED bulbs in place of standard filament ones - however note that if fitting to a modern car with dashboard bulb-out warning that has been trigged by fitting LED bulbs it will NOT correct this warning
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