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Electronic Flasher Relay 2 Pin Loud

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Electronic Flasher Relay 2 Pin LoudLoud beeping relay, suits classic vehicles & convertibles where the standard tick may not be heard causing indicators to be left on inadvertently.
2 pin 12v electronic flasher relay
21w x 2
A direct swap for all 2 pin units, hazard and flasher.
Outperforms and outlasts bi-metallic strip flashers (no moving parts)
Works perfectly with standard and LED bulbs.
Reliable & absolutely consistent flash rate regardless of current/engine speed.
Will also fix irregular or overly fast flasher problems associated with fitting LED bulbs in place of standard filament ones - however note that if fitting to a modern car with dashboard bulb-out warning that has been trigged by fitting LED bulbs it will NOT correct this warning
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Bought this relay for a 1977 Triumph Stag. On initial test in the garage, it seemed to work OK and the buzzer was clearly audible. When I went for a drive, and used the indicators for a longer duration, the flashes/buzzes faded away with time until they became very weak. I replaced the relay with the original Lucas unit which flashes OK but is very quiet. In conclusion, the relay may work OK on some cars, but it didn't on mine.
Quentin e.
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