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Bootrack Type : CBR1045 Alloy
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BootracksAvailable in alloy or stainless, with or without woodslats. Bar diameter 3/4"
Manufactured in the UK to British Standard ISO9001:2000
Our boot racks will fit a wide range of classics & moderns
No drilling required - fitted in under 2 minutes

The table below is by no means a comprehensive fitment guide, just a brief list of what vehicles we have already found that suit our bootracks. If your vehicle is not listed then please measure your bootlid and compare its size with the sizes of our racks as listed in the 2nd table. Unfortunately we are unable to know which rack suits your car (apart from the table below) as we do not have lists of bootlid dimensions.

Vehicle Bootrack Part No

(Alternate numbers indicates choice is possible)

Alfa Romeo GTV CBR1190
Alfa Romeo Spider CBR1190
Audi 80 CBR9004
Audi A4 Series 4 CBR9011
Audi TT All Models CBR9005
Austin A30 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151
Austin Healey 3000 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151
BMW 3/5/7 Series All Years CBR9011
BMW Z3 CBR9011
Fiat Barchetta CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Honda S2000 CBR1190
Honda S600 , S800 CBR1190
Jaguar XKR & XK8 CBR9011
Jaguar XJ8 CBR9011
Lotus Elan, Elise Classic Models CBR9005
Lotus Elise S1 Modern Model CBR9005
Mazda MX5 Mk1 Mk2 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Mazda MX5 MK3 (NC) Suits Manual (not power) roof only CBR9004
Mercedes CLK CBR9011
Mercedes SLK to 1996 CBR9004
Mercedes SLK 1996 Onwards CBR9011
Mercedes SL to 2002 CBR1190
MG Midget CBR9005
MGB CBR9004 / CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Morris Minor CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Nissan 350 CBR9011
Nissan Figaro CBR1190 / CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 /
Peugeot 206 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Peugeot 306 CBR9011
Porsche 944 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Porsche Boxster CBR9005
Renault Megane CBR1190
Rover MGF CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Rover MG TF CBR1190 / CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150
Saab 900 CBR1190
Smart Roadster CBR9011
Toyota MR2 Mk1 CBR1190
Toyota MR2 from 2000 CBR1190
Triumph Herald & Vitesse CBR9004 / CBR9005
Triumph Spitfire CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR9005
Triumph Stag CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR1150 / CBR9005
Triumph TR2,3,6 CBR9004
Triumph TR4,5 CBR1190
Triumph TR7 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR9005
Vauxhall Astra CBR9011
Vauxhall Cresta CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR9005
Volvo C70 CBR9011
VW Karmann Ghia MK2 CBR1045 / CBR1044 / CBR1151 / CBR9005


Part Number Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in cm) Description
CBR1045 88 x 46 x 11 Alloy
CBR1044 88 x 46 x 11 Alloy - Wood Slats
CBR1151 88 x 46 x 11 Stainless Steel
CBR1150 88 x 46 x 11 Stainless Steel - Wood Slats
CBR9005 70 X 40 X 7 Stainless Mille Miglia 5 bar
CBR9004 78 X 40 X 7 Stainless Mille Miglia 6 bar
CBR1190 89 X 40 X 7 Stainless Mille Miglia 7 bar
CBR9011 89 X 32 X 7 Stainless Narrow Fit
Distance between mounting hole centres:
CBR1045/CBR1044/CBR1151/CBR1150: length (left to right) 495mm, width (front to back) 440mm.
CBR9005: length (left to right) 696mm, width (front to back) 396mm
CBR9004: length (left to right) 778mm, width (front to back) 396mm
CBR1190: length (left to right) 886mm, width (front to back) 396mm
CBR9011: length (left to right) 886mm, width (front to back) 316mm

Our alloy and alloy/wood racks hold up to 27kg and our stainless and stainless/wood racks hold up to 66kg

All our bootracks are supplied with fitting kits which enable them to clamp onto the sides of the bootlid and rubber suckers for the feet. Fitting and removing takes under 2 minutes and requires a 9mm spanner. Alternatively they can be fitted permanently by drilling 4 holes through the bootlid and use the studding and nuts provided to fix into the internally threaded legs of the rack. All our racks are supplied with fittings, however we also supply fitting kits separately for anyone who has purchased a rack elsewhere supplied without fittings, or needs to replace the fittings.

What is the difference between an alloy rack and a stainless one? The main advantage of using stainless construction is that it will hold up to 66kg (evenly distributed), whereas the aluminium alloy versions will only hold up to 27kg. Furthermore stainless tends to keep its handsome appearance almost indefinitely whereas alloy is subject to degradation and corrosion over time. The softer nature of alloy means it is more susceptible to collecting scratches from the placing and removing of luggage.

On a group test of 8 bootracks Practical Classics magazine awarded our CBR9005 rack their Best Buy award

Their appraisal in full was: "The finish on the stylish Mille Miglia rack was superb, with even tubes and excellent assembly using countersunk slotted set-screws. Tubes are fixed to each other using shaped plastic washers, ensuring an even fit, and it is easy to nip any of them up if the rack slackens off, unlike riveted racks. The bars offer an excellent platform for hard and soft bags alike, and are useful for attatching bungees to. The support bar is a bit shallow. This rack has the feel of a well-made and lasting contender.

click here for exact vehicle fitting applications and photos of fitted examples

Bootrack Type : CBR1045 Alloy
Bootrack Type : CBR1044 Alloy & Wood Slats
Bootrack Type : CBR1151 Stainless Steel
Bootrack Type : CBR1150 Stainless Steel & Wood Slats
Bootrack Type : CBR9005 Stainless Mille Miglia 5 Bar
Bootrack Type : CBR9004 Stainless Mille Miglia 6 Bar
Bootrack Type : CBR1190 Stainless Mille Miglia 7 Bar
Bootrack Type : CBR9011 Stainless Mille Miglia 7 Bar Narrow Fit
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Bootrack Type : CBR1150 Stainless Steel & Wood Slats
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