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LED Vehicle Bulb 1156 P21W Single "Filament"

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LED Colour
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LED Vehicle Bulb 1156 P21W Single "Filament"Our LED bulbs are a straight swap for standard filament bulbs.
Doubtless you are already aware of the benefits of LED lighting, but if not a Google search will tell you all you need to know.
e are some cheaper versions of these bulbs on the market - ours are best quality units with 24 LEDs in each bulb
If you have a bulb that looks similar to the below then you can replace it with our LED equivilents.

Bulb number 1156 is commonly used for bayonet single filament bulbs on vehicles with separate brake and tail lights - identified by two opposing pins at the same height on either side and one contact on base. Please click pic to observe.
Available in white, orange or red - you should replace a bulb with the same colour as the bulb that was removed (usually white) eg if you remove a white bulb from behind an orange indicator lens then you must replace it with a white led bulb, not with an orange one.
Note that these bulbs are slightly brighter than standard - they are not so bright as to cause your vehicle to fail an MoT test.
Note these bulbs are slightly wider at 26mm than a standard bulb which is 23mm, they are standard length.
Best quality available - German made 24 high output LEDs per bulb
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