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Exhaust Assembley Paste 140gExhaust Assembly Paste will withstand extreme temperatures and provide carbon monoxide proof joints on all exhaust systems
(Code: 804)
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Aerosol Lubricant (Service Spray) 400mlProtects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed parts, displaces moisture, and lubricates just about anything. Also cleans grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces
(Code: 810)
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Aerosol Easy Start Engine Starter 400mlContains aromatic agents giving a greater initial combustion chance than air.
The packaging states "Ensures firing even under arctic conditions. Starts ALL engines. Can be used on diesel, petrol and paraffin engines"
This product surprisingly really does work. But your vehicle wont thank you for overuse (google "addicted to easy start")
(Code: 809)
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Aerosol Carburettor & Injection Cleaner 500mlCleans, degreases & removes baked on fuel residues & gums from vehicle intake system
(Code: 806)
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Aerosol Brake & Clutch Cleaner 500mlFast & effective removal of oily dirt, grease & other unwanted lubricants
(Code: 807)
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Aerosol Underseal Schutz 500mlTextured finish black universal under body underseal (schutz)
Durable protective semi-flexible coating shields against corrosion, stone impact etc
(Code: 803)
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Aerosol Engine Degreaser 500mlPowerful foaming action degreaser - cleans engines, components, chassis, driveways etc.
(Code: 808)
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Wheel Paint 500mlSilver/Alloy colour wheel paint, suitable for alloy and steel wheels. Designed especially for wheels, high enamel content resists stone chipping.
One can is sufficient for 4 car or van wheels.
(Code: 992)
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High Solid Aerosol Spray Paint 500mlProfessional high solids acrylic spray paint. Suitable for most surfaces including solid plastics.
There is a much greater pigment volume in these paints than those currently available, resulting in fewer required coats & less time - once you've tried these paints you wont go back to standard aerosols!
(Code: 802 Gloss Black x 1)
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Clay Cleaning Detailing Bar
100 gram bar of fine grade automotive clay bar
Compatible with all types of paint on any vehicle.
Detailing clay has been used for many years by vehicle manufacturers and professional bodyshops for removing contamination that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods.
This clay bar uses advanced high-tech Polymer technology to remove contamination from various surfaces without using any chemicals.
Leaves paint super smooth by removing all contaminants with very little effort.
By using this clay bar you can remove all types of unwanted particles such as tree sap, bird droppings, brake dust etc
100gram is sufficient to do 3 or 4 vehicles.

(Code: CB1)
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VHT PaintVery High Temperature paint
Designed for manifolds, exhausts, brake calipers and other parts that are subject to very high temperatures, up to 600C.
This high temperature paint can also be used on stoves, boilers, barbecues, fireplaces and other high temperature surfaces.
(Code: 993)
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Castrol Classic 20/50 Oil 4.55LConventional, multigrade engine oil.
Protects and preserves old engines.
High viscosity helps to reduce oil loss & leakage.
Ensures economical oil consumption.
Multigrade Oil for use in Summer and Winter.
Oil adapts to outside temperature.
Service Classification: API SE CC

Supplied in the original beautiful steel tin
(Code: 908)
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Automec Silicone Brake & Clutch Fluid 1LitreMade in the USA - used exclusively by the US Military and specified as standard by Harley Davidson. Non-toxic and long-life, silicone fluid is safer and more user-friendly than glycol. It never needs changing, will not catch fire easily and does not damage paintwork; neither will it boil below 260C (500F), even after 5 years. Non-hygroscopic (i.e. will not pick up moisture, thus reducing corrosion), silicone fluid retains a virtually stable viscosity through most temperature extremes.
Conforms to US DOT5 standard and US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116 (FMVss116).
(Code: 929)
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