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Hirsch Automotive Paints

Bill Hirsch Automotive ProductsRatSport are the sole European distributor for the highly regarded American Bill Hirsh Automotive paints and chemicals range.
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Fuel Tank Etch Cleaner
Bill Hirsch Gas Tank Etch Cleaner.
This American product is the ideal way to prepare your steel fuel tank before the application of tank sealant - may negate the need to remove tank prior to cleaning.
Will remove light build up of rust inside the tank.
Leaves a gray phospate coating.
This one pint can is suitable for tanks up to 30 gallon
Note: suitable for steel or alloy tanks only, not fibreglass ones or plastic/ABS ones.
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Bill Hirsch Fuel Preservative & StabiliserPrevents gum, varnish formation and corrosion in fuel tanks and fuel systems.
Commonly used in the marine industry, recommended for vehicles where the fuel sits idle in a tank during a period of unuse, eg winter. One ounce of this product will keep 3 gallons of fuel fresh for at least 3 years. Contains no alcohol that attacks some metals. Will not attack rubber parts or diaphrams. Unlimited shelf life. This one quart (0.94L) bottle will protect 96 gallons of fuel for over 3 years. Retards decaying of ethanol fuels
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Bill Hirsch Manifold & Exhaust CoatingsThese paint type coatings are rated to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees F.
Brush or spray these onto clean, or sandblasted manifold, exhaust and similar areas and they will restore the look to new and protect the finish.
Easy to use, withstands all weather conditions, dries fast and yields amazing results.

Choice of 3 finishes:
Satin Black, imparts a sofy silky finish
Bright Silver
Cast Iron Gray, dries with the look of freshly sandblasted iron

Aluminium & Black rated to 2000 deg. Grey rated to 1800 deg. F.
1 pint tin

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Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint
This American manufactured product is the best way to repair and restore rusted chassis and vehicle underside panelwork, no need to remove rust before applying. Use as rust preventative basecoat on new chassis and underside body sections.

A moisture cured non porus paint that bonds to rusted and corroded metals like no other coating.
Dries rock hard and will not chip, crack or peel.
Impervious to petrol, diesel, lacquer, thinners, salt and household strength acids.
Can be painted directly over rusted surfaces, is strengthened by moisture.
As well as metal, will seal concrete, grout, wood and poruss tile like nothing else.
Can be sprayed rolled or brushed.

Available in 3 different colours.

Product is supplied with full information sheet, but in particular these salient points should be noted:
  • Apply in temperatures of at least 60F (15C)
  • If exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) then should be topcoated to ensure long life
  • Solvent can be used to clean spills, hands, spray equipment, brushes etc only before paint has cured. Once allowed to dry Miracle Paint cannot be removed with any solvent
  • Will cure in approx 4 hours in dry atnosphere and approx 1 hour in damp conditions

Bill Hirsch Fuel Tank Sealant
Bill Hirsch Gas Tank Sealant.
This American product is the best way to repair and restore your petrol or diesel tank. Simple application, includes extensive application information and product information sheet. Will seal pinhole leaks and seams and prevent rusting.
Once the liquid is poured inside it works by setting and lining the tank to form a "tank inside a tank"
Suitable for all fuels including ethanol and alcohol.
Suitable for steel, aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass, plastic & ABS tanks.
Full instructions included.
According to the manufacturer it is "World's No. 1 Gas Tank Sealer. Impervious to all fuel types. Over 2,000,000 sold to date".

Having used this product ourselves on several occasions we can vouch that it does a superb job, and we believe it is the only tank repair product in the UK market which is ethanol proof. Ethanol alcohol is increasingly becoming an issue with other sealants designed for this purpose as they were formulated before the ever increasing amounts of ethanol added to todays petrol.

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Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel
Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel.
Highest quality engine enamel available on the market today. Extremely high solid content, heat resistant to 700 deg F. Most show winning cars today use Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel. High gloss, easy to use. Can be brushed or sprayed.

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